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Resources to Improve Your Organization and Productivity

Get results with productive habits

Whether you are working from home, back in your office, or needing help with a hands-on or virtual home organizing project, we offer a variety of resources to meet you where you are, physically or metaphorically.

Hands-on and virtual resources

We are currently providing virtual webinar training for a number of businesses, individuals and teams. Our customized webinars teach strategies for working more productively from home and staying organized to optimize your productivity, among other topics. 

Whether it is physical home organizing or helping to organize a move, we also have a team in place to support your residential needs. We have the resources in place to provide safe, in-person work through our Covid-19 protocols, and are also pros at providing virtual home organizing support. 

For the student in your life, we offer a program for helping them stay organized for school success. As kids get ready for “back to school” in a new remote learning format, let us help them to get off on the right foot with organized systems and habits for success.

Perhaps you’ve been doing some clutter-clearing at home and have items to donate? Check out our updated online Resources list to see where certain items are currently being accepted. Or perhaps you have items to recycle or hazardous waste to dispose of? (note: the traveling Wastemobile will be in Sammamish on Aug 7-9 to accept hazardous materials).

Resources from our online shop

We’ve also been working behind the scenes on some exciting materials and resources, including our free “Rock Your Work From Home” guide, which contains strategies and tips on defining an effective work space, staying productive, and setting much-needed boundaries.

Next is our “Organize to Optimize” mini-course, which walks you through the foundational strategies to banish disorganization, limit overwhelm, and spend more time focused on the priorities that matter to you most. Each video segment takes less than 20 minutes to complete and includes an implementation exercise to put the strategies covered into action immediately!

Or, if you’re the do-it-yourself type, our Task Master Library is the resource you need. It has useful worksheets and guides to organize your digital files, meal prep like a pro, bust the nasty habit of multitasking, plan your day, and more!

Debbie also recently co-authored to a new book, “1 Habit For A Thriving Home Office”. Anyone can work from home, but this book is full of ideas to help you do so successfully and productively. Grab a copy today

Finally, our virtual program, “It’s About Time” offers monthly webinar topics and accountability days to help members work smarter, not harder, and get time back in their day for what really matters most. We’d love to welcome you into our virtual community of members!

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