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Residential Results

Before working with Simply Placed I was disorganized. I did not have tools to help my son stay organized either. Working with Simply Placed was especially helpful because it forced me to get organized in a timely manner on a project that was hanging over my head. It gave me a starting place and some tools to stay organized.

Shannon Fells, Snoqualmie

I was struggling to get and stay organized. My husband and I were sharing a home office, which wasn’t working well for either of us. We were overwhelmed by each other’s clutter.

Lynette helped us create efficient office, kitchen, garage, closets, mud room, and kid’s rooms. She culled, organized, and systematized each space, and helped us find better solutions for our stuff.

 Lynette is super efficient, energetic, positive, helpful, very knowledgeable, and great at her job!

Jamie Merriman-Cohen

I always believed that your surroundings reflect your state of mind – a messy outside means a chaotic inside. But what I didn’t realize is the reverse: an orderly outside can have a positive impact on your inside.

Sharon really listened to the way I function and designed the perfect systems for me to keep things orderly with the least effort. Now when I look around and see clear desk space or clutter-free closets, I actually feel calmer and more in control. I’m sorry I didn’t do this sooner.

Judith B., Seattle

Before working with Simply Placed I had a number of places I wanted to organize, but had trouble getting started because I was feeling so overwhelmed!  Not only did Lynette from Simply Placed help me think through the projects and get started, but she also helped with little things and made me feel empowered to keep going!  I even organized the bathroom cabinet on my own this week! This is something I had felt too overwhelmed to do, but because of Lynette’s coaching and systematic process, I was finally able to tackle it

Amber Krabach, Woodinville

Simply Placed was a life saver as I moved into a new home and needed to get unpacked and organized within a week. Jessica and Sharon were so efficient and organized that the move in was virtually painless for my 3 children and me. My walk in closet is a dream now and I recommend them for any organizational work needed anywhere in the house!

J. Molloy, April 2011

Debbie recently spoke to our Leadership class of 45 6th, 7th, and 8th graders about “Organizing for School Success”. Arriving with her professional attitude and extremely relevant materials for the students, Debbie conveyed a sense of importance to the class members. Time management, desk organization, systems for keeping work at home and in binders and clever tips to avoid procrastination were all explained well and demonstrated. Every segment of the information was so useful and clear. Most students went home and immediately employed at least one technique that Debbie presented! (Students are still ‘showing off’ their freshly organized binders!)

I truly wish that I could have Debbie speak to all my students the first week of school every September. In my opinion, the number one reason students are not as successful as they could be is that they are not organized in their personal and school lives. Debbie addressed all the issues that would allow students to not only be more in control of their lives, but feel much less stress as a bonus.

Debbie really knows her ‘stuff’ when it comes to organization, and she helped every student in our class. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wishes to improve the quality of their life!

Karen Bach, Teacher and Leadership/ASB Advisor, Beaver Lake Middle School

I have been using Debbie’s Meal Planning Made Easy system for a few weeks now. It’s very easy to use, and forces me to sit down and plan the week of meals. I especially like the categories on the grocery list. It makes grocery shopping so much easier, and keeps me from going back and forth through the store for things I didn’t see on my list. I post the menu on the fridge, and my family likes seeing what we’re having for dinner every night. I don’t use the breakfast and lunch blanks, but it works just as well for only dinners, because there is space to list side dishes as well as entrees. With this system, I don’t dread the end of the day, wondering what to do for dinner, and I remember to thaw or prep things ahead of time.

Patty Pacelli, Look Your Best Wardrobe Consulting

Calling “Simply Placed” to help me organize my home is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Lacey came in and made quick work of the areas of my house that had been causing me anxiety for years. Her fast, efficient, effective and non-judgemental approach was so helpful! What’s even better is that she taught us some strategies to keep things more organized. To anyone who thinks hiring an organizer is an extravagance, think again: This is one of the most practical moves you can make. I feel like we’ve got our house back. Warmest thanks, Debbie!

Leslie Irish Evans LMP, NBCR, CA

Debbie, you were fantastic! Thanks for coming and getting us all motiviated to tackle our homes in time for the holidays! I had so many of our moms tell me they were encouraged and inspired by your visit!

Many Thanks!!

Amber Krabach, Timberline MOPS group

I would not be ready to move today (literally) after 30 years in the same house if I hadn’t followed what I learned from my GO Seminar!!! Everything from having the right materials on hand to marking things properly… keeping lists in the right place and making sure our address gets changed… all of this has kept us sane!

Deborah Akerstrom, Arrangements

Simply Placed has made such a positive impact in our lives. We all feel happier and much more at peace. Our house is now a home. Thanks!

N.C., Bellevue, residential client

I love that there’s no preparation required, just an appointment. Simply Placed walks in and takes over. They are efficient and their friendly manner makes the process relatively painless. The finished product is not only neat and organized, but a system that is easily maintainable.

K.B., Bellevue, residential client

Debbie has a calming influence on me as I tend to get quite frazzled when I finally set aside time to ‘get organized’. She is efficient yet doesn’t make me feel rushed. I tend to get distracted by other things and she gently ‘pulls me back’ to focus on the task at hand. She is a good listener and offers thoughtful, nonjudgmental advice, and throughout her time with me she offered ‘sound bytes’ of information to help me in future time management/organization tasks.

K.M., Sammamish, residential client

Making a mess is a snap. Cleaning, organizing, and filing things in one’s home or office, simply isn’t…Simply Placed…finds a place for things that clutter, overwhelm and generally take over one’s office or home. The best part is they do it all effortlessly. Simply Placed was invaluable in terms of helping me streamline my office, create an efficient filing system, store photos and organize my messy garage and much more. ‘Simply Placed’ is terrific.

B.C., Mercer Island, residential and home office client

I used to dread coming home. I didn’t even call it home but the dreaded apartment. All I could see was clutter, chaos, disorder and I blamed myself. It was like staring at a constant to-do list so immense, I felt guilty and too overwhelmed to doing anything about it. I even went into denial that I cared to have a clean home, resigning to the excuse “I’m just not a clean person.”

After Lacey visited, she helped me realize how much I do care to be clean and that I was very capable of taking action in this area–even if it wasn’t my forte. Once that happened, we made major moves to transform my apartment to a home I am proud to come home to.

After implementing Lacey’s action list of bite-sized to-do’s, I felt in control. After one more quick help session, my apartment has transformed. I am indescribably happy, calm, grounded and content at home. I can think clearly. I can easily organize–every object has a home I created with Lacey’s help. I can actually relax on weekend indoors. We even got my fiancé “natural slob” to start developing cleaning habits to support and protect this precious space of home. I truly believe your home reflects your inner self. Now that they are aligned, the clean results just keep on “giving back” every day when I sit down and look around. Thank you Simply Placed!

Anna Choi, Inside Out Investing

In the beginning of April, my husband took a job as the new Head Women’s Basketball Coach at the University of Washington. Moving across country with four children under 8, and one on the way seemed impossible! For two months, I was at home alone in Cincinnati getting two homes ready to sell and packing for our move with four children and pregnant while my husband lived and worked in Seattle. There were days that I did not think I would make it! My husband and I flew out to Seattle with our children on June 29. We were scheduled to move into our Bellevue home on July 6, and I was extremely nervous about the move in process, because my husband was scheduled to leave town that same day. I thought, “How am I going to do this with four young children, and 38 weeks pregnant.

I called Simply Placed on Saturday, July 2, and Debbie agreed to work with me on short notice. Debbie and her team arrived early July 6, to prepare for the move, and worked with me for three straight days, unpacking my belongings and organizing my home. They managed the move when I had to leave to for my Doctor’s appointment, and to find temporary childcare for my children. They even helped me find a more permanent childcare facility, which gave me the peace of mind I needed as I left my children to work on our home. When Debbie and her staff left my home the last day, I was so thankful. I feel blessed to have been led to Simply Placed, and their team of knowledgeable and very professional organizers. They work hard and smart, and left me feeling like I could manage my home and children on my own. I feel more comfortable and settled in my new home, than I have in any of my previous residences, and that is all due to Simply Placed.

Everything, and I mean everything is unpacked, and has a home. Debbie gave me contact information for house cleaning services, plumbers, home sound and security services and a handyman. I have been extremely impressed with each business she recommends. Knowing that I was new to the area with no family, Debbie even offered to help me, if I went into labor while my husband was out of town.

I have told everyone, that my new best friends in the Seattle area, are Debbie and her team, they just don’t know it! Working with Simply Placed is the best money I have ever spent. I highly recommend their relocation services. I have in mind several projects around my house that I would like organizational help to complete, and I will definitely call Simply Placed to guide me as I choose to live a more organized and balanced life.

I was so fortunate to have found such a Smart, Caring, Capable and Professional group of Organizers!

Letitia McGuff, Bellevue, WA

Lynette was very knowledgeable, friendly, and easy to learn from. I especially appreciated the detailed write up she did, as this will help me implement the ideas in an effective, easy way.

Cristine Hamm, residential client

Before I hired Simply Placed, I planned, organized and executed major projects – like relocation – by myself. Poorly. Expensively. And missing the keen eye and attention to detail I sorely needed. As a result, I added unnecessary stress to an already stressful time, and rarely got the thing I needed most: time with family and friends before I made a major relocation. Simply Placed had certain, repeatable, clear processes that worked, but they also knew when and how to flex to match my aspirations.

I’m a customer service professional with almost 30 years’ experience, including my current role as the Director of Customer Support for Hulu – one of the nation’s leading digital entertainment companies.
I have high expectations for how I’m treated, and Debbie and her team exceeded those expectations every step of the way.

Michael Callahan, residential client

Before working with Simply Placed, my home office was complete and utter chaos. It was so disorganized that I was paralyzed…for years.

Working with Simply Placed was especially helpful because Lynette helped me develop a system, and then worked with me to make sure it was going to fit my own style and needs.

I LOVE working with Lynette. She is so helpful, smart, and organized. And very personable. I would recommend her to ANYONE.

Alan Preston, Managing Director, Real Change,

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