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Save time and money on meal preparation

Do you get overwhelmed with the process of meal planning?   Are you making several trips a week to the grocery store?  How often do you buy duplicates of something you already have in your pantry because you just can’t find it?  We love to consult with our clients on time management & organizing, especially around the topic of meal planning. Its an area where a bit of planning, organization and some systems can go a long way to saving time, money and stress. 

Here are just a few tips and ideas on meal planning and organization to get you started:

  1. Organize your kitchen and pantry
  2. Involve your family in the process of meal planning and preparation
  3. Have a system for your weekly menu planning
  4. Use a grocery list regularly
  5. Consider alternate methods of meal preparation – cook for a day to eat for a month, use a personal chef  or meal prep service to do the same for you, take a class on how to cook in volume, cook twice as much as you need and share the other portion with another person (and they do the same for you – you each get two meals in the time it takes to make one).

We’ll go into detail on a number of these suggestions in future posts, but the bottom line is, they are all things you can do to decrease your time spent in the kitchen, the money you spend on meals and the stress over “what’s for dinner”.

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