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Shift Happens: From Chaos to Calm

Shift happens - a space transformed after a Simply Placed workshop

Shift happens! We love to receive feedback from our clients on our services, products and seminars, and there is no greater feeling than knowing we have helped to make a positive impact in someone’s life.

From “Chaos” to “Calm” – Feedback from a recent seminar attendee:

“I attended a 90 minute workshop presented by Debbie Rosemont in November and it created a huge shift for me. I felt so driven to succeed and overcome the piles of chaos – the clothes that didn’t fit or I didn’t like, the 10 winter hats, etc, all the stuff that just “accumulated” over the 9 years in our home. It felt wonderful to apply the easy principles that Debbie taught us and the simple lessons from her book, “Six-Word Lessons to be More Productive” (that I purchased at the event) and have this solid, real, impressive result. Talk about instant gratification! Cleaning out all the “stuff” instantly created so much more peace and made the space feel calm and welcoming. In these pictures you’ll see how I’ve pulled out all of my clothes and accessories and I literally touched every item and made a decision. After sorting, I felt good about giving the clothes to people who would use and enjoy them. Thank you so much, Debbie! You inspired this much change in a 90 minute presentation! I can’t even imagine what people can accomplish when they physically have your help in their home or office!” – Stacey S.

Thank you, Stacey! We are so pleased that the lessons shared were helpful and inspired such great results! You’re an A+ student!

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