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More Creative Shoe Storage Ideas to Maximize Space

Last month we shared the idea of using a bookshelf to organize messy boots and sports footwear in the garage. What about those every day shoes that tend to pile up around the house? Many homes have a big basket intended for shoes in a closet or a pile of shoes by the front door. Digging through a basket to find both shoes in a pair can be frustrating and waste time when you’re in a hurry to get out the door, especially if everyone’s shoes are mixed up together, and an overflowing basket or pile of shoes wastes space and creates clutter.

Using a small shelf can work well inside the house too for an inexpensive shoe storage solution. A small bookcase, rack or shelf placed on top of a closet shelf (or on the closet floor) can neatly hold several pairs of shoes. A taller unit with three or four shelves maximizes vertical space. The shoes can be put in clear plastic boxes or just placed on the shelf; either way they are easy to see and find.ShoeRack

Another way to add shoe storage to a closet shelf that still leaves room for storing many other items vertically is to use short wire racks that can be found at most home stores. Several of these can be placed next to each other, providing a short but wide area for maximizing shoe storage below and lots of vertical space for storing sweaters or other items above. You can also make a simple wooden shoe shelf that does the same thing. If your storage space or budget is limited, these are inexpensive easy ways to maximize closet storage and keep your shoes easy to find.


If you store shoes in a foyer or other part of the house that is visible, there are many inexpensive cabinets that provide an attractive way to keep pairs together without clutter. Ikea makes several shoe cabinets that don’t take up much space and hold many pairs. This black Ikea cabinet holds 20 pairs of shoes on 5 shelves, so everyone in the family can have a shelf. Some of the shelf space can also be used for small bins of hats, gloves, glasses or other items that you want to have near the front door.


If your shoes are in a basket or piled on the floor, look around and see if you already have a small rack or shelf you could repurpose for a shoe shelf. You will enjoy the time saved getting out the door and starting your day off on the right foot!

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