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Spring Cleaning for Your Schedule and Calendar

The Spring season moves many of us to dig out from winter by engaging in cleaning and organizing projects.  You can also leverage this season of renewal and revitalization to do some Spring cleaning of your calendar and schedule.  Periodically reviewing your commitments and obligations and comparing them to your goals and resources results in increased focus, a better sense of purpose and increased productivity.  Take these steps to spring clean your calendar and schedule.

  • Review your goals.  What are you working toward personally and professionally?  Consider revisiting your New Year’s resolutions.  Are you still on track toward reaching these goals?  What’s holding you back?  Do you have enough resources and time allotted to meet your goals?  If not, what needs to change?
  • Review your monthly, weekly and daily schedule.  Does it reflect how you’re actually spending your time and what you’re actually doing?  Be honest with yourself.  Is there enough time in your schedule allotted toward work that allows you to reach your goals?  Most people need to schedule time to work in order for it to get done.  Don’t rely on simply having a goal to direct your actions.  Plan your schedule to achieve your goals.
  • Reestablish productive boundaries.  Saying yes to something typically means saying no to something else. Are the things you’re saying yes to support your goals and productivity?  If not, spend some time getting clarity on what you can reasonably accomplish, what you can say yes to and how you can effectively say no to commitments that either don’t help you reach your goals or distract your focus and decrease productivity.
  • Reestablish productive habits.  Remember the positive impact a few minutes of planning has on your overall productivity and stress reduction.  Commit to daily, weekly and monthly routines that cause you to take time for planning.  This may mean 5 minutes at the end of the day, 15 minutes at the end of the week and 20-30 minutes at the end of the month.  

Just as Spring cleaning creates a fresh start for your home, Spring cleaning your schedule and calendar gives you a renewed since of focus and purpose and sets you up for new success.  Also just like with house cleaning, regular maintenance of schedule and calendar keeps you on the right path toward meeting your personal and professional goals.


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