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How to Stay Productive through the Holidays

Holidays and productivity

Do you find that holiday stress impacts your productivity? Is it harder for you to focus on work this time of year because of the holidays? If you’ve noticed your motivation or productivity dipping, you’re not alone. Studies show that more than two-thirds of workers report being less productive in December compared to other months.

Many of us succumb to the pressure of preparing for the holidays at the expense of other priorities (including work). But the holidays don’t have to be a time of hectic disruption. With just a few adjustments, you can turn this into a productive time of year. 

Get clear on your priorities

Whether this is how you’ll celebrate the holidays, or what your “must dos” are for work, know what is most important and can not wait. When we’re clear on what our priorities, it can help us to say “no” to everything else and focus on what really matters. Have limited time at work this month because you’re going to take time off for the holidays? Even more reason to get specific about how you need to use the work time you have so that you can get done what matters most and feel good about taking that time off when it comes.

Have a plan

Take those things that are most important and make sure they have space on your calendar first and foremost. Then you can fill in other time with the “nice to haves”. This applies to both personal and professional commitments, activities, tasks and plans.


This is a great time of year to take time off and enjoy holiday traditions, festivities, family time and to take a break from work. When you do, go all in and enjoy that time for it’s intended purpose. At work, focus on work. When you’re off, unplug from the demands of work. In doing so, you’ll return to work refreshed, refocused and everyone benefits.

Ask for help

Engage others where you can to help get things done. When you delegate to others things that they can do for you, you free up your time to do the things that only you can do.


When you are engaged in something that you’ve identified as a priority, do what you can to eliminate distraction, interruption, and just focus on the one thing. If it is a task, you’ll get it done more effectively and efficiently. If it is an activity or tradition with those you care about, giving them and the activity your full attention will deepen the enjoyment and “deposit” into the relationship.

Looking forward

For some, December might even mean a quieter time of the year at work. Use this change of pace to your advantage to set yourself up for success in the new year. Perhaps you could organize your workspace, reflect on your goals and map out what you hope to achieve in the coming year. 

Reflect, Adjust, Prepare

This is a great month to reflect just before you look ahead. As you look back, consider what you want to adjust. Then you’re in a position to make plans for the coming year. Note you responses to the following questions:

  • What is the good you’re taking from this year? 
  • Did you make changes that you’d like to maintain going forward? 
  • Which lessons are you drawing from this year that are helpful? 
  • Are there things that went well that you’d like more of? 
  • What drained your energy, and of that, what’s in your control to have less of in the year to come? What will you adjust?

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