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Super-Charge Your Apps to Get More Done with This Tool

Leverage the power of automation to get more things done and extend your productive capabilities.  There are many apps when used alone are strong productivity enhancing tools.  If you already use some of these tools, you may not be able to imagine functioning without them.  Imagine though how much more helpful these apps could be if they were able to work together with other apps!  What if an entry on your calendar triggered the generation of a note in Evernote so you’ll be ready to take notes when the meeting starts?  How much easier would it be if when you missed a phone call, it was automatically added as an item on your task list to attend to later?  All of these possibilities and many others exist with the help of a tool called If This, Then That (IFTTT).

IFTTT works with a wide variety of apps to create recipes for automating the work of things like data backup, task creation, knowledge management, communications, social networking and much more.  Before you get overwhelmed by all IFTTT has to offer, think strategically about how automation can either help you with routine tasks, communications, data back up or knowledge management.  Find recipes that support things you’re already doing and enjoy the time savings of automation.

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