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How Systems Can Help You To Be More Efficient

At Simply Placed, we love introducing our clients to the concept of systems. A system is a set of steps or a process to follow, each and every time a task or function is performed. Systems are efficient: develop it once and follow it to save time when you execute. Whenever you follow a pre-determined system, you don’t have to think about the action to take, or the next step. It saves energy, it is predictable and best of all, it gives you dependable results.

Think of “SYSTEM” as an acronym: Saves You Stress, Time, Energy and Money.

What are some examples of systems?

You can create a system for anything you do where consistency would be helpful. A few systems you might consider for your professional or personal life include:

  • Business processes – sales funnel, marketing, client or employee on-boarding, client operations, accounting, recruiting, training, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Email management
  • Records management – paper and electronic
  • Finances – bill paying, bank reconciliation, planning, budgeting/forcasting
  • Expense reporting or monitoring
  • Mail processing
  • Meal Planning and Preparation
  • Laundry
  • Travel or trip preparation
  • Getting out the door in the morning

Where can you add systems in your business and life that will Save You Stress, Time, Energy and Money?

While we can help our clients with their organizational challenges in the moment, we like to focus on helping them establish organized systems and productive habits that work long term. We’ll consult and train on such in the work we do in person with our residential and business clients. Virtually, we also help individuals and teams through our It’s About Time – Virtual Productivity Program.

In the words of one of our clients, here is how the concept of SYSTEMS helped her at home and with her business:

Simply Placed has helped me with organizing on both the residential side as well as for my business. They are excellent with their knowledge of how to set up systems that can really help you be more productive. As a small business owner, I have very limited time and need to use my time wisely so that I can be as productive as possible. Simply Placed has allowed me to learn some simple techniques and habits that I can follow on a day-to-day basis in my business. Give yourself the gift of time and productivity with Simply Placed. – Gazala Uradnik

Let us know how we can help you implement organized systems and productive habits into your work or life today.

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