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Taming Travel Paper

We live in a world of ever increasing apps, online reservations, and digital technology.  However when traveling, especially internationally, you often end up with a multitude of tickets, maps, and other important papers in physical format.  And just like you have backups for computer files and photos, it’s important to have backups of your necessary travel information.

Keeping travel papers close at hand and easy to find can make your trip or vacation that much smoother. Consider something in your carry-on that is separate from other reading material and secured well so that it remains safe.  Single pocket folders can be a good choice for small amounts of paper.  If your pack is likely to get rained on or wet inside (are you carrying bottled water?) then even a ziplock bag can work for important documents.

For longer trips there is more information to manage.  This multi pocket vertical folder is a great choice. Separate plane, hotel, sightseeing, and personal info so you can access it quickly – without rifling through other unneeded things.  The closing flap makes sure things are safe.  Change the labels from trip to trip based on your needs.  This folder can also keep copies of insurance, credit cards and passports.  Store the actual documents/passports somewhere else for redundancy – if you lose originals you’ll still have the copies.

By spending a few minutes of organization up front, you can make travel that much more relaxing, efficient, and well managed.


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