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Tech Talk Thursday: Cable Management, Part 3 – Wrangle Your Workspace

It’s time for the last installment of our mini-series on cable management and cord organization! If you’ve been following along at home, then you’ve already labelled all of your cables, including those in use as well as those in storage. Ideally, you’ve also tagged those cables at both ends, especially those that are currently plugged into devices in your workspace.
Today, let’s take the final step in the process and make tidy the maze of the cords in your desk area. In doing so, you will be able to quickly connect or disconnect your gadgets when you need to and it will also make the office look much neater.
Begin by unplugging and untangling everything and grabbing some cable ties. Twist ties and binder clips make great alternatives to store bought products. As you plug your devices back in, use these ties to bundle up the wires, for example, multiple cords connecting to a USB hub. This will help to keep them neat and tangle-free. You can also use the ties to coil individual cables that are longer than they need to be.
And now you are done! No more digging through a tangled mess of cables when you need to replace a device or work on your computer. Tell us, how did it go?

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