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Tech Talk Thursday: Manage Your Medical Savings Account with FlexMinder

With medical expenses on the rise, a flexible savings account can be a great way to save money on medical expenses.  Unfortunately, they are often cumbersome to use. More fortunately, we’ve found a great tool that makes it easier to help you understand your flexible spending balance, where you stand on your health insurance deductible and what the explanation of benefits means to you.

FlexMinder is an online application that organizes corporate flexible spending accounts and benefits. It enables you to manage your paperwork and submit claims for your Section 125 accounts. FlexMinder also maximizes your flexible spending benefit by estimating your contribution, automating the paperwork and helping you spend your money wisely.

Automatically download all your medical transactions and account balances from your health and dental insurance, prescription plan and flexible spending administrator.  Categorize your medical expenses and display them in a simple format so you can see where your money is spent.  Say goodbye to confusing websites and paperwork and make it easier for you to know exactly where you stand!

FlexMinder was recently featured in a story on KOMO as part of TechStars Seattle.

Do you manage section 125 claims?  How do you keep them organized?  We want to hear about it!

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