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Tech Talk Thursday: Morning Motivation with My Wake Up Call App

Do you spring out of bed in the morning fully rested, in great humor, and ready to take on the world? Yeah, me neither 🙂 If that *does* describe your morning mood, then bravo! For the rest of us, there’s a fun new app called My Wake Up Call Motivational Alarm Clock that will give you a lift and pave the way for a productive day.

My Wake Up Call Motivational Alarm Clock is a free app for iPhone that delivers specially structured 5 minute motivational messages when you awaken to your alarm. Enjoy excerpts from message categories like “Weight Loss for Life,” “Powerthoughts,” “Workout,” and “Wealthy,” and if you like it, then purchase additional content via iTunes for .99/message. Each message is delivered by a content expert in the field.

I’ve been waking up motivated all week! Tell us, how do you find your motivation to take on the day?

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