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Tech Talk Thursday: Never Lose Your Keys Again with Bikn for iPhone

iPhone lovers and losers of objects, your prayers have been answered! I recently heard about a cool new product called Bikn (pronounced like ‘beacon’), which transforms your iPhone into a locating device for all of your precious cargo. How it works: first, you shroud your phone in the specially designed Bikn protective case. It looks like a standard iPhone case, but has magical locating powers and a separate power supply that is independent from your phone. Next, you tag your valuables – think keys, handbags, wallets, even your pets and kids – with the Bikn transmitter tags. Lastly, download the Bikn app to your phone. Using the app, you can locate your lost items by paging them and viewing their location in relation to yours. Just don’t lose track of your phone…

The starter kit, which includes the phone case, two tags, and USB chargers runs $129.99. If you are constantly misplacing things and looking for a high-tech solution, give Bikn a try. And if you’d like help establishing simple systems to keep track of things, give Simply Placed a try!

* At this time, Bikn is only available for the iPhone.

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