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Tech Talk Thursday: Organize Your Notes with WorkFlowy

Notes are a tough thing to organize and digitize. Finding the proper program on your computer or app on your smart phone to jot down your grocery list or that phone number you need can be cumbersome. Note-creating programs are difficult to use! That’s how we end up with a meeting time on an old receipt, an important name on a pack of chewing gum or an address on last week’s shopping list that you accidentally threw away.

If you need a better plan than old receipts and scratch paper, try WorkFlowy. It’s a note-taking program that will probably become your go-to for all the important information you come across and need to keep safe throughout your day. Instead of having to create separate digital “notes” WorkFlowy is more like one giant list with sub-lists, so everything is always together but organized. It’s intuitive, easy to navigate and as an added bonus – it’s web-based and available as an app on your smart phone so your notes are always wherever you are.

WorkFlowy’s blank pages are very inviting, practically begging you to empty your brain and get your notes and mind organized! Sign up for WorkFlowy today (it’s free) and tell us what you think!

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