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Tech Talk Thursday: Pack Like a Champion with Packing Pro


Recently while preparing for my Spring Break Hawaiian getaway, I was in the middle of juggling a big project for work and scads of personal obligations. I found my time growing shorter and more precious as the days ticked off the calendar while at the same time my to-do list was growing longer and longer. How to manage the myriad must-dos and should-dos while keeping track of all that I needed to pack? Pen and paper is increasingly more cumbersome, so I hunted down an app, naturally.

Packing Pro is an app for iPhone and Android that lets you track all of your to-dos and items that need to be packed in one master digital list on your smart phone. The app provides you with several templates to use as your basis to begin, including options for male, female, and children. Each template sorts the items into categories such as “To Do (pre-and-post trip),” “Essentials,” “Clothes,” “Medical/Health,” and so on. From there, you can further add and delete items, and even create your own custom pieces to include in the master catalog. As each item is packed, you can “check” it off the list by tapping the screen.

I hope that my new digital Maui packing list will be the basis for many a future tropical trip! For me, packing has never been so easy and satisfying. Tell us, how do you like to pack for a trip? Do you wait until the last minute or do you plan in advance?

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