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Tech Talk Thursday: Save Time by Buying Groceries Online

As Summer finally comes to the Northwest, I am reminded of just how busy I get when the weather turns warm. It’s a good kind of busy, favoring plenty of outside adventures and picnics in the park (in addition to working with our wonderful organizing and productivity consulting clients, of course). Since I still only have 24 hours in my day, I know that if I want to increase the amount of time I can spend playing outdoors, then I need to delegate some of my mundane chores.

One new solution I am implementing is buying my groceries online through Amazon Fresh. You can jump on the internet and order all of your favorite staples including local fresh fish from Pike Place Fish Market, organic produce, handcrafted cheeses from Beechers, and even wine. Delivery is free with purchases of over $100, and you can request same or next day delivery. Create shopping lists to save time on future orders, and schedule recurring deliveries to save money, too. If you live in the Seattle area, give this service a try!

If you aren’t yet in the delivery area for Amazon Fresh, then talk to your local supermarket – many offer grocery delivery services. A few fewer trips to the store per week can translate into a few more hours spent playing with family and friends this summer!

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