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Tech Talk Thursday: Visit America’s National Parks…on Your Phone

Ah, America. Our country is home to some of the most beautiful and exotic terrain on the planet. Fortunately, our forefathers saw fit to reserve large and unspoiled swaths of this land for you and me. If you’re still deciding where to go for summer vacation, or just looking for something fun to do on your summer staycation, then check out National Geographic’s National Parks app for iPhone and iPad.

This award winning app lets you explore 20 of our country’s national parks in all of their splendor as captured by National Geographic photographers. View interactive maps, get tips on how to plan your trip with park guides, and get tips on how to create your own incredible photographs when you make the journey.

This app is as much fun as it is practical, and the imagery is breathtaking! Tell us, how do you choose your vacation destinations?

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