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That was Easy


We love to hear feedback from our clients on our services, products and seminars.  We have recently been receiving some very positive feedback about our new Meal Planning Made Easy system. Here’s an example:

“I have been using Debbie’s Meal Planning Made Easy system for a few weeks now.  It’s very easy to use, and forces me to sit down and plan the week of meals.  I especially like the categories on the grocery list.  It makes grocery shopping so much easier, and keeps me from going back and forth through the store for things I didn’t see on my list.  I post the menu on the fridge, and my family likes seeing what we’re having for dinner every night.  I don’t use the breakfast and lunch blanks, but it works just as well for only dinners, because there is space to list side dishes as well as entrees.  With this system, I don’t dread the end of the day, wondering what to do for dinner, and I remember to thaw or prep things ahead of time.”

~ Patty Pacelli

Patty Pacelli is a Wardrobe Consultant and owner of Look Your Best Wardrobe Consulting.  As a busy professional, an active volunteer, a wife and a mom, she’s just who we had in mind when we created the product. We love to make your life easier through systems and organization. Thanks for sharing your feedback Patty!

If you have comments about how organization, systems, or particular products have made your life easier, we’d love to hear them too.

















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