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The Envy of His Peers

Today’s post comes courtesy of Insurance Agent, Joe Hailey. Joe is a client of Simply Placed and wanted to share his experience with a couple of the classes he’s taken and results received.

Those of you who have taken the GO System Seminar in particular will find the format in which Joe wrote the post meaningful. For those who haven’t, a book used in the course offers the following format for each chapter to keep it simple. “What?” is “What is the concept?”. “So What?” is “Why should I care?” and “Now What?” is “OK, now that you’ve got my attention, what do I do about it now?”


I first took the GO System seminar in early 2007 followed by the “Multi-Tasking Makes You Stupid” workshop later that same year. The GO seminar is a rich potpourri of powerful yet simple productivity tips and techniques that one can implement immediately. “Multi-Tasking Makes You Stupid” challenges the widely-held notion that we must multi-task in order to be effective in this high-tech wired world and illustrates in very tangible ways how such multi-tasking may actually make us less productive. I repeated the GO seminar this past June for a refresher and found it just as beneficial the 2nd time around.

So What?

The beauty of the concepts taught in these workshops is that by selectively implementing one or two high-leverage systems or behaviors, one can realize same-day, order of magnitude improvements in workflow, productivity, and stress reduction.  It isn’t necessary, nor is it encouraged, to try and radically change our daily routines all at once.

Now What? 

As demands on my time periodically ramp-up due to a perfect storm of high priority phone calls, email, unexpected drop-ins and high priority projects, the discipline and techniques learned through these workshops have enabled me to maintain focus and to be assured that important commitments won’t fall through the cracks.

Whether researching opportunities to improve a prospective client’s coverage or ensuring that current clients’ protection plans keep pace with life’s changes, the discipline and practices learned from Simply Placed give me confidence that my current focus is the right focus at that particular moment in time.

Joseph Hailey, Insurance Professional – AAA Insurance Agency

About the author: 

Joe Hailey is a seasoned insurance professional with AAA Insurance, the largest personal lines agency in the state of Washington. Joe provides expert advice on auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, boat, motorcycle, and RV insurance. Joe’s primary objective, during initial and subsequent consultations, is to give his clients the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that their families are thoroughly protected. His staff of licensed customer service representatives provide prompt, courteous service backed by 24-hour claims availability. The lessons Joe has learned from Simply Placed, and put into practice in his agency, have enabled him to earn a reputation for efficiency, effectiveness, and follow-up that’s the envy of his peers. AAA offers hard-to-beat discounts for its members and extremely competitive rates for non-members as well. Joe can be reached at (425) 456-3641 or by email at

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