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The Gift of Organization: Holiday Specials

Special Simply Placed Holiday Packages

It is the time for giving, and with that in mind, Simply Placed would like to give you the gift of time. We have put together several holiday packages to help you save time, relieve stress, and ultimately take the feeling of overwhelm away.

“That’s a Wrap” Package

Have a list of people to buy for but don’t want to brave the madness? Purchased gifts but dread the process of wrapping? Is your list of holiday related errands and tasks a mile long, but your available time hours short? Let us help you create a plan of attack or do the work for you!

Sometimes at this time of year our clients just need someone to create an action plan with them to take away the overwhelm, or another set of hands to get it all done. Either way, we’re here for you. Ask us for a list of possible tasks we could take off your hands to make your life easier.

Package includes 8 hours of service and the Simply Organized Holidays eBook and Workbook (we’ll help you set up your workbook to create your plan or our marching orders).  Price: $497


“Before and After” Holiday Organizing Package:

Before: It’s your turn to entertain this year and your home needs an organizational makeover. Or perhaps the task of hosting did not fall on you, but you can’t seem to enjoy yourself until certain spaces in your life are in order, whether it be at home or at work. If this rings true, this package is for you.

After: You made it through the holidays in one piece, but now you seem to be left with the residual clutter that comes with this time of year. Maybe you need a better system to organize your decorations before they go back into storage? Maybe you are left with a kitchen, pantry, dining room, or living room that looks like a tornado came through it with a vengeance. If so, we have a solution.

Package “A” includes: Initial consultation and assessment, 12 hours of hands-on organizing help, the Simply Organized Holidays eBook and Workbook. Price: $947

Package “B” includes:  Initial consultation and assessment, 24 hours of hands-on organizing help, the Simply Organized Holidays eBook and Workbook. Price: $1647


“The Do-It-Yourselfer” Package

If you feel you have the holidays by the reigns and under control, but just want some great organizing products or ideas, look no further. This package includes all sorts of goodies to help you glide through the holidays, simplifying your shopping, meal planning, entertaining, gift-giving, travel, even managing the paperwork that continues to come in this time of the year.  Package includes:

  • Card Cubby: This fashionable and functional product is designed to hold your gift cards and frequent buyer cards in one convenient, easily accessible location. Never have that “oh I left my gift card at home”  moment again with the card cubby. Keep it in your purse, in your car; it’s portable and practical. Also makes a great gift!
  •  Meal Planning Made Easy: Always having to make multiple trips to the grocery store or simply don’t know what to make for dinner? Our Meal Planning Made Easy System is a simple-to-use system with step-by-step reminders to make meal planning and shopping easier for busy people.
  •  Simply Organized Holidays eBook and Workbook: Our 46 page e-Book, Simply Organized Holidays is full of great ideas to help you organize your holiday entertaining, gift giving, correspondence, travel, goals and more. A great resource to help you plan ahead, reduce stress and enjoy the spirit, wonder and excitement of the holidays. Simply Placed has designed a plan, checklists and forms that you can use to make this the smoothest, most joyful season yet.  You’ll find them in our corresponding Simply Organized Holidays Workbook. With this guide you will find all the necessary tools to execute a well-planned and enjoyable holiday season.
  • FreedomFiler Deluxe Filing System: Turn your piles into files once and for all with this highly customizable, intuitive and virtually maintenance-free filing system.
  • Six-Word Lessons to be More Productive Book: Get 100 practical, easy to implement, effective strategies to help you increase focus, organization and productivity at work. Find what you need when you need it, be on time with your appointments and commitments, work free of distraction in your office, reduce stress, improve your follow through, and increase revenue. Work smarter, not harder with systems and habits that work. Authored by Debbie Rosemont, founder of Simply Placed, Six-Word Lessons to Be More Productive gives you 100 simple to understand six-word lessons which get you results fast.

Price: $97 + shipping


“The Gift of Organization”  – Gift Certificates

Have someone on your list that you know would greatly appreciate the help of a professional organizer at his or her home or business? What better than the gift of organization!  Contact us and we’ll help you pick the right “size” to make sure it’s a great fit. 

Price: Varies

Don’t see the perfect package for you? Give us a ring. We’ll be delighted to customize an offering to suit your needs or your situation. We look forward to hearing from you.

Here’s to a wonderful Holiday Season full of joy and free of stress!

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