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The Powerful Productivity Strategy of Choice

Choice as a productivity strategy

Choice: the act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

We all make choices every day in our lives, and even small choices can have a big impact on our productivity. As we’ve touched on before, we define productivity as “achieving desired results”. The power of choice can be a very effective strategy when you align your choices with the desired result. 

Choices make us intentional AND give us power

Often, we know what we want our result to be, yet we aren’t clear on the best path to get us there. Some choices are easier to make, some are harder. Sometimes we put off choosing because we are afraid we will regret our choice, or make the wrong choice. When we are faced with too many choices, it becomes overwhelming.

When we narrow our choices down to two acceptable options, however, we have the power to choose the one that best gives us our desired result. If it moves you forward toward your desired result, you made the best choice.

Below, Debbie shares her thoughts on how choice can be a very powerful productivity strategy, as long as you keep your end goal in sight. As she explains, making a choice between two options means you are being intentional about how you will get there. If you know you are going for a run, will you listen to music or a podcast? Will you run 3.1 miles or 3.25 miles? Either way you are going to run. There are multiple choices you can make along the way, but what choices can you give yourself to get you to your end result? Which choices will you make today?

The powerful productivity strategy of choice!

Posted by Simply Placed – Professional Organizing and Productivity Consulting on Sunday, September 29, 2019

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