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The Secret to Consistent Productive Progress on Your Goals

The secret to consistent productive progress on your goals

Are you struggling with finding the motivation to move forward on the goals or intentions you set for the new year? If so, you’re not alone. Research suggests that approximately half of all Americans make New Year’s resolutions yet only 8% actually achieve them. 

Common mis-steps include setting too many resolutions, selecting something that someone else thinks you should change or accomplish but that you don’t really care about, aiming too high for something that’s not realistic, setting an overly ambitious timeline and then giving up when we don’t meet it. The good news is that every day gives you a new chance to recommit to your goal and start over again!

A recent Tony Robbins podcast, “Never mind resolutions – create lasting results” discusses how to create lasting progress by taking control of the process. When you learn that progress equals happiness, and you create a compelling vision of what excites you, you can turn your dreams into reality. 

Key Strategies to Success 

  1. Have a compelling vision that is specific and measurable. Your goals should be as specific and detailed as possible. Write your goal so that it can be measured and tracked. If you set a challenging goal, break it down into smaller pieces to realize and celebrate success more often. Make sure the goal is realistic for you, and you alone, and give yourself a deadline. 
  2. Know your reasons – your “why”. What will success in the area you’ve selected do for your life, your relationships, your business, health, finances or anything else you hold as valuable. The answer to this is typically your motivation for moving forward.
  3. Develop your MAP – your “master action plan”Brainstorm HOW you will make it happen. Once your list is created, take a hard look at it and begin to prioritize. Which of the listed goals will make the biggest difference to you and your life if you were to accomplish them? Which do you really want and would be willing to focus your energy and efforts towards to complete?
  4. Establish rituals – daily habits that push you forward toward your goals and that make your vision a reality. They add a sense of reliability to your day so no matter how many risks you take, your habits will always be there to depend on. Daily habits are also a key tool for optimizing your productivity.
  5. Embrace accountability – Motivation may help get you started, but when it comes to achieving a goal and sustaining the results, you may need to rely on more than your desire to succeed. When we commit to something publicly, we are much more likely to follow through, because we know someone we have told, may ask us about our progress or our success. 

Our virtual productivity program, “It’s About Time” is built upon a foundation of accountability and support. Join us during the month of February as we focus on Accountability in Action. You’ll learn about how accountability works as a productivity strategy, how to choose a partner to hold you accountable, how to structure the partnership and much more.

This year, don’t just set resolutions – commit to lasting change. Use the strategies above to get started today. If you have goals you want to achieve and think you would be more successful in achieving them with the help of an accountability partner, contact us. We’d be honored to support your success! 

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