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Organize Bags with the Tote Buddy

Reduce, reuse, recycle. These days, many people are doing their part to purchase items or take action steps that are eco-friendly. Green household cleaning products, saving water, using less energy, the list goes on. But sometimes, “going green” may sound easier than it actually is.

Take reusable grocery bags for example. A wonderful invention, but do you often find those bags scattered around your car or your home? Perhaps you get to the store only to realize you forgot to put them in your car in the first place?

The Tote Buddy solves this common problem, and can help you in making your switch from paper and plastic successful.

What is the Tote Buddy?
The Tote Buddy neatly holds your reusable bags keeping you organized and ready for any shopping trip. Hold, store, and shop with the world’s first reusable bag organizer.

At $20.00, the Tote Buddy is made of 100% recyclable materials and holds up to 10 reusable grocery bags. It even includes three heavy duty jumbo sized grocery bags.

How do I Use the Tote Buddy?

  • Open the tote buddy by undoing the adjustable velcro strap, place your reusable bags inside with one of the handles sticking out to carry it like a purse, and you are good to go.
  • Store the Tote Buddy in your car, take it into the store and give it to the checker who will be bagging your groceries.
  • Slide the Tote Buddy into one of the reusable bags, along with your groceries or items from the store.
  • When you get home, unload your groceries, take the Tote Buddy out of the reusable bag it was temporarily stored in, flatten your now empty reusable bags, open up the Tote Buddy, place the resuable bags inside, close up the Tote Buddy.
  • Return the Tote Buddy, now holding your reusable bags, back to your car for your next shopping trip.

Not only do you have the bags, and the carrier, but you have a simple system to have your bags with you when you need them and to remember to use them. Brilliant!!!

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