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Wellness Wednesday: Need Time Management to Find Time to Work out?

Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit, yet finding the time to get in a workout can seem impossible. It’s a catch 22; the busier you are, the more important it is for you to stay healthy, yet when you are always busy, it is hard to find time to work out. Having a regular exercise routine not only keeps your body fit, it also reduces stress and is healthy for your mind as well. This Wednesday, take a look at your schedule and use these tips make some adjustments to ensure you have the needed time to get the workout your body needs and your mind deserves!

time management workoutMornings

Often the best way to ensure you get in your workout is to do it first thing in the morning. This way nothing that happens later in the day will prevent your workout since it already happened! Consider these ideas:

  • Do morning tasks the night before. Give yourself the extra time you need by putting together lunches, setting out clothes and filling backpacks the night before for the kids. Pack your own bag for work and prepare for any early morning meetings so that you don’t have to do that in the a.m. get your workout clothes and outfit for the next day ready to go as well.
  • Workout at home. If you can’t leave the house in the morning, find a routine you can do at home. There are many options to get a good workout at home without ever going to the gym. From workouts you can find On Demand or through Netflix or another service you can do on your TV, from popping in a DVD on your computer or getting online and following a workout you find there, there are many options if you’re looking for instruction or guidance. Self-motivated or directed? Learn a routine from a fitness magazine or just make up your own circuit. Try to include elements of cardio, strength training or conditioning and flexibility throughout the week or even within one workout.

Mid Day

If mornings and evenings are just too busy, schedule a time to work out during the day. Consider it an appointment that you cannot miss and put it into your day plan as such.

  • Lunch date. If you have time for lunch, you have time to work out. Pack an easy lunch to eat on the go and have it on your way back from your workout.
  • Combine tasks. Combine an errand and working out into one trip. If you are already out and about to run errands, add on a little extra time to stop by the gym for a quick workout.
  • No gym close to work or home? Just walk. Have a co-worker join you for some extra motivation and the social component. Weather crummy? Consider a stairs workout inside.
  • Walk and work. Need to brainstorm for a project or just want to get your creative juices flowing? Walking while you talk can help you do double duty. Just make sure to bring something with you so that you can capture your ideas. Small pad of paper and a pen or a voice recording device can do the trick.


One of the toughest times of day to make more time is at night. However there are ways to squeeze in a workout with the help of some time management.

  • Meals. Three times a week, choose an easy, healthy take out meal or make something that needs to bake for 30 minutes or more. With less time spent on making dinner, you can use that time to get in a workout.
  • Make it a family event. If evenings are family time, then find an activity that you can all do together. Go for an after dinner walk to the park, go for a bike ride or get a family gym membership.

Your health is important and you need to make sure you have time to keep fit. There are always solutions that can help you get more time in your day. We are experts at time management and can help you find the time you need for yourself. Give us a call today and we can show you how!

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