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Tips for Getting Settled

Moving is a big deal! Whether it’s moving offices or upgrading or downsizing a home, the task of actually getting yourself settled can be overwhelming. Fortunately, with a little help and some savvy suggestions you can be less stressed. We have great tips below for getting settled sooner and services to help get you feeling at home in your new home or office!

1. Have a plan before you start unpacking. Place boxes with all the like items together in their desired rooms and then go through each box. This will prevent kitchen items from finding themselves in the living room and office items from finding themselves in the bedroom. All your shoes, kitchen supplies, etc. will be together in their intended spaces.  Need some help getting organized before the move?  Let us know how we can be a resource to you!

2. Donate, donate, donate! There’s nothing like packing and unpacking to make you realize how much “stuff” you have accumulated over the years. As you go through your boxes, take the time to assess what you really need and want to keep. Find yourself wondering why you even packed some things? Set aside donation piles before these unwanted items even have a chance to become clutter in your new space.

3. Make priorities and start with bigger items, then work your way down to accessories and fragile possessions. Start by arranging furniture and larger, bulkier items first. Then unpack fragile and decorative items. Consider making a list of the rooms in your home or spaces in your office and rate them in order of priority. Remember to focus on one room or area at a time, it will make unpacking much less overwhelming. Start in the spaces you need to use right away first.

Does the thought of unpacking give you anxiety?  Ask us for more tips or help with the task.

After a move is also a great time to get organized and we truly enjoy helping people get settled.  We can help you unpack your belongings and put things away in an organized and functional manner right from the start.  Contact us for more information about our services!

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