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Tips for Letting Go of Sensitive Information

Disposing of documents with peronal information can be complicated.  It’s important to make sure you are protecting your identity when you let go of your sensitive information or, in a business setting, to protect your clients’ information.  Shredding is the best way to protect you personal and sensitive information.  There are a lot of options out there, depending on your needs or the needs of your business.  We’ve compiled a few options to help you let go of your sensitive information.

If you don’t have much sensitive information to dispose of, you can make a small investment in a desktop shredder.  A light duty desktop paper shredder is ideal for occasional home or office use.  You can find one for around $30.00 like this Aurora Desktop Shredder at Target pictured to the right.

If you have a small business or a lot of shredding to do at home, you can get a free-standing shredder at stores like Costco.  Fellows makes several different mid-size shredders in the $100 – $500 range for moderate home or office use like the one pictured to the left.  See their selections online at their website here.

Looking for an alternative to buying a shredder?  Datasite will help you get rid of your sensitive material by coming to you with a shredding truck for those big shredding jobs.  You can alternatively get a document destruction container which is a prepaid box that will be picked up upon request and shredded.  You can request a price quote on their website for all of their shredding services.  For all of your container options and quick contact information, check out their service options page.

What lengths do you go to to protect your identity and sensitive information?  We want to know!

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