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Toss Old Packing Supplies: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge!  RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing old and damaged packing and moving supplies.  Do you have bubble wrap that mysteriously has no bubbles?  Is your packing tape’s cutting blade duller than a butter knife?  Are your left over moving boxes from years ago starting to lose their strength, maybe they were destroyed in the last unpacking process? Ten minutes is enough time to toss supplies that are not salvageable, recycle unusable cardboard and organize what’s left to make your next move easier to coordinate.  This is also a good time to take inventory of what you’ll need in order to get started on your next packing project. Embrace today’s challenge and toss those old packing supplies!

Ready, set, TOSS!

How to you keep track of your packing and moving supplies?  We want to know!

If you have ideas for a Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge, please let us know! In the meantime, check back weekly for a new challenge and make sure to join in the fun. We look forward to hearing about how you do with the challenges.

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