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Toss Stuff from that Unpacked Box: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge! RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing stuff from that box you never finished unpacking during your last home or office move! Do you have papers, files, mementos or a box of miscellaneous items waiting for a home? If it has been a while since that move, there could be items to sort, toss, donate and finally keep and find a place for. Ten minutes is enough time to decide what to part with (since you haven’t needed it anyway) and sort out a few things to donate. Have some treasured items in that box? Find a way to display them in your home or office so you can enjoy them. This is also a good time to think about getting your home or office settled since that move. Check out our posts A New Place to Call Home, Have You Heard of FROGBOX, Movin’ on out and most recently Tips for Getting Settled for more ideas on how you can tackle any moving and unpacking job. Embrace today’s challenge and finally unpack that last box!

Ready, set, TOSS!

Do you have more than just one box remaining since that last move? We can help get things unpacked and put away, leaving you feeling settled in your space.  Contact us for more information about our services.

If you have ideas for a Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge, please let us know! In the meantime, check back weekly for a new challenge and make sure to join in the fun. We look forward to hearing about how you do with the challenges.

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