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Toss Subscriptions & Go Paperless: Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge

Time for the Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge!  RIGHT NOW spend 10 minutes tossing your useless subscriptions and go paperless!  Are you recieving magazines or catalogues that you no longer value? Mailings from an organization that you are no longer interested in? Periodicals that are no longer relevant to you? Paper copies of bills, statements and advertisements?  Ten minutes is enough time to unsubscribe from a physical mailing list you don’t read material from and/or change your bill  or statement status from ‘paper’ to ‘paperless’ .  Check our previsous blog post about ways to eliminate junk mail for more ideas.  Embrace today’s challenge and reduce the volume of paper coming into your home or office!

Ready, set, TOSS!

What steps have you taken to go paperless?  We want to know!

If you have ideas for a Tuesday Ten Minute Toss Challenge, please let us know! In the meantime, check back weekly for a new challenge and make sure to join in the fun. We look forward to hearing about how you do with the challenges.

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