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Tweet Tweet!

I’ve been on Twitter for just over 7 months now (@simplyplaced).

I read a great post this morning by a colleague, Janine Adams, who owns Peace of Mind Organizing in St. Louis. She writes about a dozen reasons she loves Twitter. I encourage you to check out her post. I liked it so much I felt compelled to comment. Here were the thoughts I shared on her blog:

It was a friend of mine, “Shannon” (@swallner on Twitter) that talked me into trying Twitter out as well. Like you, it took a while for her to convince me of the benefits. When she first described it, I was confused as to why anyone would want to participate (and how I might grow personally and professionally as a result, as she insisted I would). Finally she wore me down and I signed up for an account.

I can’t imagine not participating now. Like you, I learn, I connect, I’m updated easily and I can share. Twitter, like life, is full of choices. You can choose who you follow, how you view posts (directly in Twitter or through any number of appications or tools, individually or grouped by location, industry, or how ever else I choose to group them), how often you view and post and what you choose to share. I love choices.

Thanks for the great blog post Janine!

Do you tweet? What do you get out of it? How much time do you spend on Twitter each day or week? What do you love (or hate) about Twitter? Do you use it to increase your business or productivity or do you feel like it detracts? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

If you’re not already, we’d love to have you follow us on Twitter. Our “handle” is @simplyplaced and you’ll find us here. Let us know who you are and we’ll look for you too!

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