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Using Rewards to Help You Reach Your Goals

Using Rewards to Help Reach Goals

When Was the Last Time You Rewarded Yourself?

Let’s face it: reaching a goal or committing to a new habit takes dedication and hard work. Sometimes it takes a while to see results, which can be discouraging. One effective strategy to keep momentum moving forward is to reward yourself along the way. Rewards make it easier for you to stick to your game plan when you know there is something to look forward to.

Rewards don’t need to be big; it can be anything that makes you feel good about the progress you’ve made. Celebrate little wins along the way to ultimate success. Decide ahead of time on some “mini-rewards” for both the short and long term until your goal is met or your habit is established.

Whether it’s a fitness goal, a productivity habit or a project you’re struggling to complete, a reward will make you feel proud of the progress you’ve made and help push you to the finish line. When you work hard, be sure to reward yourself!

Here is a video Debbie recorded last week when she was rewarding herself. Take in a nice view, spend time with a friend, whatever makes you feel good!

How can you reward yourself for accomplishing the milestones you’ve reached along the way to your goals?

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