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Video Review: Smead Stadium File

We’ve reviewed the Smead Stadium File on the blog before. Here’s a video of Debbie doing a free commercial for the Smead folks at the National Association of Professional Organizers’ conference in San Diego this month.

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  1. Jan Wencel says:

    So happy to see this product in action…and to hear what you think about it, Debbie. I’ve got a client or two who might find it useful. Thanks!

  2. Smead Viewables | Smead Viewables Starter Kit | Smead Products says:

    […] or the Viewables Tab Adapter, and you're on your way to an organized life – minus the backaches!Smead Viewables Remember when you had to bend down just to read the labels of your folders at the bo…ad Viewables, you never have to hurt your back again by crouching low to check the labels. Smead, a […]

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