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Wellness Wednesday: Curb Your Tech Stress with Mindfulness Techniques

Not surprisingly, most of us in America are stressed by our tech! An overload of constant email and the rise of mobile technology making us always available has contributed to the highest stress levels in this country in decades. Even if email is going to stay a big part of your workday for the foreseeable future, there are things you can do to bring your stress levels down.

Mindfulness exercises are very doable and can easily fit into your routine. Try a few when work stress beings to creep in.

1. Write down what is causing your anxiety. Try getting it down on paper, putting it away and then revisiting it a few hours later. Chances are you’ll be less worried about it and more able to think of productive solutions.

2. Try a pep talk. Remind yourself that you can handle this! If that isn’t working, picture what you best friend would say to reassure you.

3. Be mindful of your senses. Bring your thoughts back to the present by focusing on the sounds of the room you are in, the temperature, the feel of your feet on the floor. You’ll feel the stress of the future or past begin to melt away.

How do you manage your stress? We want to know! Looking for more ideas? Try’s Head-to-Toe Solutions for Stress and get some new ideas.

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