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Wellness Wednesday: Healthy Eating with Mesa de Vida

After all the camping trips, vacations and barbecues this summer are you feeling like you could use a little food detox? Starting to crave ice cream, chips and hot dogs every day? We have a great resource that will not only help you to kick your cravings, but also to keep you on track toward a lifestyle change that will improve your overall health.

Chef Kirsten of Mesa de Vida is a personal chef, nutrition consultant and lifestyle and weight management specialist who lost over 100 pounds by switching to a diet of mainly unprocessed, whole, clean foods. She brings this same food-philosophy to you in her convenient, easy to follow weekly meal plans. Become a kitchen rock star with her guidance! Mesa de Vida meal plans provide healthy eating programs that help you be more organized about meal planning and meal prep, saving you time and money and allowing you to achieve great health. A special grocery list is prepared for you each week, saving you time and money while you shop too. Signing up for a weekly menu plan will give you the tools you need to make real, prolonged change.

And if you’d like help organizing and resetting your pantry in preparation for a healthy eating program, call us! We’d love to help.

How do you plan weekly meals for you and your family? We want to know!

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