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Wellness Wednesday: Learning Resilience

Bouncing back from emotional traumas like a lay-off or divorce is never easy. Some people need more time while others seem to have limitless resilience. The important thing to know is, whatever causes you emotional turmoil or hardship you can learn to amp up your resilience and bounce back faster.

Being able to recover from the unexpected is an important set of skills. Learning and improving these skills will make you better able to overcome the challenges of work and life each day, not just the big traumas.

1. Consider whatever happened as a temporary set-back. Don’t take it personally and instead, view the incident as a great opportunity. Take a glass-half-full approach to the situation and see how creative you can be in finding the best solution.

2. Try seeing things from multiple perspectives. Call your friends, call your family and get a fresh perspective. That’s what your family and friends are for; providing fantastic, varied advice for you to consider.

3. Get healthy. An important part of being resilient is being healthy. Taking care of yourself and making sure you’re getting proper nutrition and exercise will help you keep your stress in check. Avoiding alcohol, tobacco, etc. will prevent mood swings that can stop you from bouncing back quickly. For more healthy living tips, check out our previous Wellness Wednesday posts Making Time for Exercise and Improve Your Diet, Improve Your Productivity.

For more ideas for improving your resilience, check out Health Magazine’s article, How to Bounce Back Better.

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