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Wellness Wednesday: Manage Stress with Healthy Food

Do you stress eat? You might actually be on to something! Some foods can help you eliminate stress one bite at a time. We all manage stress differently, if you prefer to eat yourself calm, it’s time to drop the sugary treat and opt for some healthier alternatives.

Avocados – The potassium and antioxidants found in avocados can help to combat elevated blood pressure.

Blueberries and Citrus – Did you know that people with higher blood levels of vitamin C show fewer signs of stress when faced with a challenge? The vitamin C and antioxidants found in blueberries and citrus fruits can reduce levels of stress hormone in your body.

Nuts – All the crunching and crushing from eating something seriously crunchy can help you lessen your tension! Choose nuts for their omega-3s and B vitamins, they will also reduce your blood pressure.

Salmon and Tuna – The high omega-3 content of these fish will help keep your stress hormone levels in check.

Spinach – The magnesium found in spinach can help prevent headaches and fatigue. Eat it raw for the most benefit!

What’s your go-to solution when you’re feeling stressed? We want to know! For more mindful eating options, check out WebMD’s Real Life Nutrition Blog and get some great ideas!

May planning and organization lead you to your optimal health!


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