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Wellness Wednesday: Prepare for Fall Exercise with a New Routine

Whether it’s the start of a back-to-school schedule or the changing weather, don’t let your exercise goals derail because you haven’t planed for a new routine.  If a back-to-school schedule requires you to change the timing of your workout, schedule it on your calendar.  You’re more likely to honor an appointment for exercise than just a personal wish for it to happen.

By September the mornings and evenings are getting darker.  If you have an early workout and have a hard time getting going in the dark, set yourself up for success by packing your bag or set out your clothing and equipment the night before.  It will be one less excuse for you to stay home.  If you’ll be outside in the morning or evening this month adjust your routine to include reflective gear and lights to help you stay safe in low-light conditions.  This month pull out your warmer and foul weather gear.

Finally, as you move from your summer to fall exercise routine, consider trying something new.  Studies show changing up exercise routines every 4-6 weeks has a tremendous training benefit to the body.  Try something new!

What will you do this month to get back a post-summer exercise routine?

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