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Wellness Wednesday: Take Breaks to Stretch

Studies show that stretching can improve your performance, and we’re not just talking about your athletic abilities. Taking the time to stretch during your workday can improve your focus and productivity and prevent work-related injuries such as repetitive stress motions or carpal tunnel syndrome. The best part about stretching is – you can do it anywhere and at anytime while you work so you can always improve your focus, energy level and alertness not to mention, give your muscles a break when they need it!

Before you begin a stretching routine at your desk, make sure you’re doing it safely and effectively so you can make the most of its productivity-boosting benefits!

1. Focus on your major muscle groups and stretch both sides equally.

2. Don’t stretch cold muscles! Take a lap around the office or a brisk walk to the watercooler first to warm up.

3. Stop if you feel pain. You should feel only tension while your stretching. If you feel pain stop, you’ve pushed yourself too hard.

Looking for some simple at-work stretches to get you started? Check out WedMD’s 12 Tips for Stretching at your Desk and get some great ideas to try today!

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