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What is Getting in the Way of Your Productivity?

Skills to maximize your productivity

Is your work day getting away from you? Are you overwhelmed by email, tasks and priorities?  Are things slipping through the cracks? Would you like to save time each day? 

Studies show that about 80% of the clutter in your home or office is a result of disorganization, not lack of space, and that the average person spends one hour a day looking for paper or information at work that they have but cannot find. That equals six weeks per year! If you could learn how to organize your space so that you could find what you want, when you needed it, how much time would that save you?

Taking away the overwhelm

At Simply Placed, we help busy professionals get more time back for what matters most through organized systems and productive habits. When you are working more efficiently and effectively, you will be more productive. 

Listen below as Debbie shares about the work she recently did with a client. During their productivity sessions, they resolved the overwhelm the client had been feeling surrounding her Email, desk, and filing systems. With these things completed, she felt calmer and more in control, and able to be more productive in her work. 

In addition, Debbie conducted a half-day training for the client’s team, to teach them some of the same strategies, systems and habits around organizing their email, tasks, time and workspace. Working individually with a leader and then also with their team ensures everyone is on the same page around these productivity topics and creates co-worker accountability and opportunity for follow-up conversations in future team meetings.

Maximize your productivity with organized systems and productive habits

Whether it is learning how to work more efficiently with Email, gaining a better understanding of how to manage your email inbox and interruptions (instead of letting them manage you), when you create organized systems and productive habits, you’ll feel more in control.

In August, our “It’s About Time” virtual productivity topic will be “Maximize Your Energy to Optimize Your Productivity“. Join our community of busy professionals who, like you, want more time for what matters most to them. By learning to working smarter, not harder, your your productivity will soar and you’ll have less stress surrounding your work. Visit our website for more information and to register for our upcoming webinars.

We offer a variety of solutions, through one-on-one coaching or group training.  Contact us to schedule a free consultation. We would be honored to be a resource to you and your team.

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