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What’s Your Relationship With Time?

Do you know of someone (or maybe it’s you) that has a “unique”, “special” or “different” relationship with time? Some people notice (or don’t notice) the passage of time differently. Sometimes people run late, not because they mean to upset those who are waiting for them, but because they didn’t plan properly or time “slipped by”. Other people get “lost in time” when doing certain tasks, especially those that are electronic (because its so easy to get lost down the “rabbit hole” of the internet and “link chasing”. Still others have deadlines and want to set boundaries of time, but find that “time flies” and before they know it, they’ve gone past the amount of time they intended to spend on something, or the deadline has passed. Many children (ok, adults too) have a hard time conceptulizing “how much time is left” or “how much longer” we have to do something, or to wait.

This can all be a source of frustration. Traditional clocks help to a degree, but don’t solve the problem completely. With digital clocks, it’s easy to see what time it is, but what about how much time has passed?  It can be easy to lose track when you can’t see how much time has progressed. Enter the Time Timer.

Time TimerThe Time Timer solves the problem of lost elapsed time by providing a visual measurement of the passage of time.  The user sets the timer by sliding the disk to the amount of time they would like to “use” or “indicate” is left. That amount of time is shown in red. As time elapses, the red disk dissapears, creating a graphic image of the passage of time.

Check out all three sizes of the Time Timer, each counts down up to one hour and has a optional sound when your desired time has elapsed. Additionally there is an software version for your computer, to help you track your online time, and an app for your iphone or ipad. Lastly, there is a Time Timer watch, for those who want to “wear” their timer and alway have it with them.

Applications for using the Time Timer are endless. We use them for client sessions, to keep Debbie on time during speaking engagements, to stay on task during project work, to let kids know “how much time left until I can __________”, etc.

For what purpose could you use the Time Timer? We’d love your ideas!

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