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Working a Plan When you Have a Goal

Debbie is training to run her 2nd half marathon at the end of June.  She’ll participate in the Seattle Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon on June 26th. Way to go Debbie!!!!  The first thing Debbie did was make this a personal goal…she decided to commit to running a half marathon.  She shared her goal with important people in her life (to gain support and accountability) and now quite publicly (Do you think that will increase her chance for success? You bet it will!) After she decided to take on this task, she knew she would have to come up with a training schedule and a plan of attack to get in shape.  She then had to decide how she would “work the plan.”  She is currently in the process of working the plan.  Debbie has a 12 week half marathon training schedule.  She has blocked off days, times and distances to run in order to get her body prepared for this task. She’s joined forces with a few others training for the same event to build community and create additional support. She’s running full force forward (pun intended) with her eye on the prize (she’s decided on a way to reward herself when she’s accomplished the goal).

Without setting the initial goal, creating a plan, blocking off time to do the work  and then working the plan, Debbie would most likely not do very well in this half marathon.  By taking the steps that she has taken, Debbie will be ready both mentally and physically and will achieve great results.

We hope you can see how these simple steps can help you whenever you set a new goal.

1. State your goal.

2. Share your goal with others.

3.Create an action plan.

4.Schedule the tasks.

5. Work the plan.

6. Celebrate success!

What are your favorite strategies for achieving goals and following through? We’re always looking for new ideas and inspiriation.

If you have a hard time following through on your goals, please let us know.  We would love to help you by creating a plan and keeping you accountable while you “work your plan.” Ask us about our packages … we’ll be happy to find the one that’s right for you and your goals.

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