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About The Founder

Debbie Rosemont

founder of Simply Placed


My passion for helping people and understanding the thought processes behind their habits and actions began years ago with a degree in Psychology. This education helped develop my ability to effectively listen to people in order to assess their wants and needs.

It was revealing to see how readily people get stuck in unhelpful patterns, and are thus held back from achieving their full potential. With compassion as my driving force, I was inspired to make a difference.


My strong drive and business sensibilities also sought a place in which to grow and be challenged, and the corporate world beckoned. I found the perfect solution in a career in Human Resources – a path that evolved for over a decade and allowed me endless opportunity to advance my skills in training, work flow analysis and process improvement, and client relations.

Perhaps most importantly, it allowed me to affect behavior change and enhance productivity on a large scale.


The calling to explore a new expression of this work came in 2003, and resulted in the creation of Simply Placed. All of the skills and experience I’ve collected are now channeled into work that helps my clients live more productive and rewarding lives free of the stress and chaos caused by disorder.

This is work that I love and also work that I live. As an involved mother, wife, volunteer and business owner I understand that “life happens.” I experience challenges common to many of my clients. But I also see possibility with every new challenge and can attest to the vast benefits of being organized.

Yes, life will continue to happen, but we can also make great things happen within this life. I’d love to hear about what you want out of life, and discuss how organizing for efficiency can help get you there.

All the best,
Debbie Rosemont
Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant

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Certified Professional Organizer® issued by BCPO to Debbie Rosemont