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It’s About Time: Six-Month Productivity Transformation

Are you busy, overwhelmed or just plain feeling tapped out?

I see you, I hear you and I know exactly what the stress of not being in control feels like – because I’ve been there! If you are a professional seeking better work-life integration, I have just what you need to get you back on track towards achieving your business and life goals.

The It’s About Time Six-month Productivity Transformation package was created for overwhelmed, busy professionals like yourself who are seeking support, coaching and consulting that allows them to implement new strategies, establish and build on productive habits, and be held accountable for sustainable results. The six-month time frame is essential to developing healthy habits that can significantly transform your work and life for the foreseeable future.

“It’s About Time” – time to save you time, to get back time for what matters most, and time for you to focus on your priorities. But also, “It’s About Time” – time to invest in you and your results; because you’re worth it, and when you do, others benefit as well!

The six-month package includes:

As our most customized offering, this package is tailored to the specific needs and goals of one person – YOU! Imagine what you could do if you were feeling on top of things, organized, productive, and had systems and support to sustain growth, work-life harmony and the results that you want – all with less stress!

Finish this sentence … If only I had time to _________________________________.  

If it is something you really want and it’s important to you, but you’re too overwhelmed or can’t see how to get there, you are a perfect candidate for our Six-Month Productivity Transformation package. I would be honored to help you create the time and get the results you desire. The next six months will pass either way. Where do you want to be – stuck spinning those wheels or moving full speed ahead?

Schedule your no-risk 30-minute discovery call today to explore how we might work together so that you are exactly where you want to be six months from now.

I can’t wait to connect!

Individual Consulting, Hands-On Organizing and Accountability Sessions

Individual consultation and hands-on sessions allow for the ultimate in customization. Our consultations combine coaching, hands-on organizing, one-on-one training and accountability to inspire individual development and instantaneous change.

Whether you need help clearing clutter and organizing your office so that you can easily find what you need when you need it, or want to consult on more effective ways to manage your time, tasks, email, priorities, meetings and team, we’ve got you covered. Not only do we help you implement new systems and habits to achieve the results you desire, we can also help hold you accountable for sustaining the change and increasing your results over time.

Resident Productivity Director

The Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant is in! Depend on this regularly scheduled visit with your consultant to serve as a resource for employees who are struggling, as an enhancement for star performers, as a retention tool for HR, as a sounding board or facilitator for teams and as a discreet service for executives. Billed as monthly retainer with contract agreement.

If you’re in need of Individual Consulting, Hands-On Organizing or Accountability, the experts at Simply Placed are here to help.
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