Task Master Library



The Task Master Library is for you if you’re the DIY-type looking for useful worksheets and guides to organize your digital files, meal prep like a pro, bust the nasty habit of multitasking, plan your day, and more!

What’s included:

Digital Disorder Guide – Strategies and best practices for organizing your digital files.

Digital File Declutter Worksheet – A sister to the Digital Disorder Guide, this worksheet walks you step-by-step through implementing an organizational process and maintaining it quarterly.

27 Multitasking Busters – Quick and easy ways to break the time-sucking and ineffective habit of multitasking.

Printable Email Processing and Daily Review Reminder Cards – Printable reminder cards that help you stay on top of processing incoming items, set your day up for success and focus on priority tasks.

PLUS three supporting videos to help you use these cards and concepts.

Time Log Worksheet – Document how you spend your time for a couple of days or weeks to check against your goals and identify time wasters or items to delegate. A simple, but powerful tool. Change starts with awareness!

PLUS a supporting video on the effective time management strategies of time blocking and batching tasks.

Meal Planning Made Easy – a simple-to-use system with step-by-step reminders to make meal planning and shopping easier for busy people. Implementing systems saves you time, money and stress, and yields better results, including more time for what matters most.

Business Trip Checklist – Never have that “What did I forget?” feeling while traveling again. This checklist covers preparing ahead at work and home, packing, and how to help those staying at home.

If you’re looking for a little extra support, you can also purchase the Task Master Library bundled with the Organize to Optimize Mini-Course for a limited time.

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