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Organized Holidays: Creating Active Holiday Traditions

Create Active Traditions during the holiday season

Organized Holidays: Creating Active Holiday Traditions

Do you find yourself inside a lot more during the winter months? “Busy” with holiday stuff and not able to make as much time to exercise as you’d like? Planning to enjoy a little more to eat this time of year and want to find some ways to combat the extra calories? There are plenty… Read more

Time Management

What You Need to Know About Time Management

“Time Management is the key to success”, said Debbie Rosemont, in a recent interview with “Time management is about planning and thoughtfulness. We can’t fabricate more time. We only have 24 hours in a day, so we really have to be thoughtful about how we use our time. This way, we get the important… Read more

Practical Minimalism - Minimalism Redefined

Smead Asks the Organizer: Our Take on Minimalism

Minimalism Redefined Minimalism is all the buzz. Simplifying things at work and at home is a concept that has broad appeal, however, Minimalism, as defined by some others as the extreme paring down of one’s possession, living space and even carbon footprint, can feel overwhelming. Attracted by the idea, but paralyzed to know where to… Read more

Effective Email Management tips shared with Smead

Effective Email Management: Debbie Rosemont talks to Smead

As we conclude our month-long series ‘Taming the Email Beast‘, we hope you’ve been able to implement some important systems to make your email inbox manageable! We’ve given general effective inbox ideas, some specific to Gmail and Outlook users, Before we wrap it up and let you get on with your shiny new inbox, we’ve got a… Read more

Holding Effective Meetings Podcast

Smead recently invited Debbie Rosemont to speak about holding effective meetings. Learn new strategies for improving the effectiveness and productivity of your meetings today. Interested in more tips to improve your meetings? Learn more in our Effective Meetings Guide. Effective meetings really are time well spent!  

Effective Email Management tips shared with Smead

Preparing for Organized Summer Travel Podcast

Smead recently invited Debbie Rosemont to speak about getting organized for summer travel. Learn how to organize your planning, pack like a pro and reduce stress to get more out of your travel adventures this summer.

How to Manage Your Tasks: One Point of Collection

Debbie Rosemont, Certified Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant with Simply Placed talks about one critical component to effective task management (which helps with effective time management) – having only one point of collection for corralling all of your “to dos”.

Did You Miss It? Simply Placed Featured on TV

The Q13 Fox morning program invited Debbie Rosemont on to share tips and inspiration for Spring Cleaning and getting organized. Watch here. Need more ideas for spring cleaning? Look at these related articles: Spring Clean Your Space with this Proven Strategy Spring Cleaning for Your Schedule and Calendar How Do I Get Rid of My… Read more

Home Organization Kenmore

How to Stay Organized

Once you’ve expended time, maybe money, and other resources to help you get organized, make sure to do the little things that will help you stay organized. Implement habits that are easy so that you can continue to find what you need when you need it and will be on time with your appointments, promises… Read more

How to Organize in Small Steps

Take away the overwhelm of a big organizing project or goal by breaking it down into smaller, less overwhelming pieces. Identifying and then acting on small steps you can take to make a dent in your organizing really works. Increase focus, organization and productivity with Simply Placed while you reduce stress in your work and… Read more

resolution baby steps

Productivity Tip – Post Your Top Three Priorities

Debbie Rosemont, CPO with Simply Placed offers a productivity tip. Visibly post your top 3 priorities each day to help you maintain focus and know what you want to accomplish. Use a visible reminder like this to guide children to do chores or finish homework before they play or engage in screen time as well.

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