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How to Overcome Your Biggest Productivity Challenges

How to overcome productivity challenges

Like most busy professionals, chances are you’ve encountered productivity challenges at one time or another. Whether it is procrastination, an Email inbox that is out of control, or struggling with setting your priorities, these things can cause stress and hinder your ability to work effectively. 

Our goal and one of the things that brings us the most satisfaction at Simply Placed is helping to take away the overwhelm for our clients. Whether it is helping with physical organization or teaching strategies to work smarter, not harder, the organized systems and productive habits we teach can give lasting results that reduce stress and save time. 

Recently, Debbie sat down with one of our clients, Dr. Jennifer Kim, to talk about the ways in which Simply Placed helped to take the stress off her plate. After working with us, Dr. Kim feels more in control of the things that were weighing her down. By giving her a plan for how to manage her Email, she gained a sense of peace, is able to work more efficiently and and gained back more time for what matters most to her. 

Investing in yourself in order to achieve your goals

We only have so much time in a day. What tasks are you spending your time on each day that are getting in the way of achieving your goals? What habits can you change to be more productive? 

Strategies such as learning how to focus rather than multitask can make a huge difference. It is far more efficient to complete one task before moving on to another. Some people are easily distracted from a task due to clutter on their desks or notifications popping up all day. Wouldn’t it be more efficient to clear those things and be able to focus? Or maybe it is struggling with setting priorities. By learning to tackle the biggest thing on your list first, you’ll feel the momentum of that success throughout the day. 

Systems and habits will help you to stay organized and be more productive. They’ll ensure that you stay focused and make the most of your time. They’ll make work (and life!) easier and more stress free. Start each day by reviewing your priorities and ask which of those tasks will make the biggest difference. If you could only accomplish one thing today, what would it be? That is your top priority for the day. 

If we can help to bring organized systems and productive habits in your life or work, we would love to be a resource to you, your team or your company. Contact us to learn more about our individual or group training programs or our virtual productivity program, “It’s About Time”. An investment in yourself or your team will pay you back in countless ways and bring more peace to your life. 

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