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April 2017

SMEAD –  April 28, 2017 – Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses minimalism and how to accomplish it without having to go to the extreme.

February 2017

SMEAD – February 1, 2017 – Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed shares additional strategies to help you effectively and efficiently manage your email (Part 2 of 2).

January 2017

SMEAD – January 26, 2017 – Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed shares easy to implement strategies to help you effectively and efficiently manage your email (Part 1 of 2).




October 2016

SMEAD – October 26, 2016 – Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed shares insight on project management in Episode 146 of the SMEAD podcast. Watch it below or click here to listen.

SMEAD – October 26, 2016 – Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed shares more insight on project management in Episode 147 of the SMEAD podcast. Watch it below or click here to listen.


March 2016

SMEAD – March 28, 2016  – Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed shares insight on how to network effectively in Episode 123 of the SMEAD podcast. Watch it below or click here to listen.

February 2016

Simply Placed was featured in the February 2016 issue of the 425 Business magazine.  Read about it here.

425 Business cover

January 2016

Speak With Power – Leo Novsky interviews Debbie Rosemont about multitasking.


October 2015

425 Business Magazine – 2 Eastside Women are Finalists for Nellie Cashman Award Every year the Seattle-based Women Business Owners organization accepts nominations to honor local women business owners for their tenacity, ethics, and entrepreneurial spirit. Read the full story here.

SMEAD – Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses strategies and tips on how to hold effective meetings.


August 2015

Q13 Fox News TV – Back-to-school: How to get your kids organized ahead of time – Debbie Rosemont shared some ideas for keeping the entire family organized as the kids head back to school: from the right kinds of supplies to keep things neat and tidy; to ideas for keeping an organized study space that works best for each child.

June 2015

SMEAD – June 9, 2015  – Getting ready to take a summer vacation? Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses how to prepare for organized summer travel.


January 2015

SMEAD – January 28, 2015  – Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed was invited to discuss small changes that make a big difference in any organization in Episode 67 of the SMEAD podcast.

 July 2015

What Are You Waiting For? Overcoming Procrastination – Debbie Rosemont was featured and interviewed on The Whole Leader podcast, hosted by Sara Harvey Yao of Yao Consulting on BlogTalk Radio last month.

SAMMAMISH REVIEW – July 31, 2015
Plateau woman named finalist for business owner of the year award

Sammamish resident Debbie Rosemont has been named one of five finalists for the 2015 Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year award presented by The Women Business Owners, the leading organization for women entrepreneurs in the Puget Sound.

April 2015

Q13 Fox News TV – 2 Segments w/ Anchor Kaci Aitchison – April 9, 2015
Anchor Kaci Aitchison from Q13 Fox News did two segments with Debbie Rosemont on Spring Organization.


December 2014

Organizer411 Hangout – SMEAD – December 17, 2014
Simply Placed was invited as an Expert Organization and Productivity Consultant by Smead to answer audience questions in its first ever Q&A session via Google Hangour. Watch the video of the Q&A below or listen to it here.

March 2014

Debbie was featured in the North End Metro magazine. Read the Article Here.
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June 2014

SMEAD – June 4, 2014 – Debbie Rosemont talks about how to overcome procrastination in Episode 37 of the SMEAD podcast. You can click here to listen or watch the video below.


December 2013

KKNW 1150 AM Radio – Femmenation – Debbie was interviewed as a guest on Debbie Whitlock’s Femmenation radio show.

SMEAD – Debbie Rosemont gives the “Smart” way to set New Year’s Resolutions. You can listen here or watch below.

November 2013

Read about our 10th Anniversary Coat Drive benefiting One Warm Coat in the Issaquah Press and the Woodinville Weekly.

October 2013 

Maple Valley Reporter – Team member Laurie Cardoza was featured in the Business section of the Maple Valley Reporter for her being awarded Golden Circle membership with NAPO, read the entire article here.

September 2013

Smead – September 18, 2013 – Debbie was interviewed by SMEAD’s “Keeping You Organized” podcast series, about Overcoming the Challenges of Disorganization. See the interview below.

2012 & Earlier

Contact Talk Radio – November 2012
Debbie was interviewed as a guest of the Get Touched Show on Contact Talk Radio by host Leslie Irish Evans. Listen Here.

KKNW 1150 AM Radio – The Real Estate Radio Show  – June 2011
Debbie was interviewed as a guest of the Real Estate Radio Show on KKNW 1150 AM.

Smead – May 2011
Listen to Debbie as she explains the advantages of having the Smead Tiered Stadium File Holder.

Rubbermaid’s Q & A with Debbie Rosemont – Certified Professional Organizer® – February 9, 2011
Catch up with Debbie and find out some organizing tips by reading this interview Debbie had with Rubbermaid!

Women’s Day Magazine – Article Featuring Debbie Rosemont – January 11, 2011
Gaining more hours in the day is at the top of every busy person’s wish list. Read this article featuring Debbie Rosemont and learn 8 handy tips for taking your time back.

KKNW 1150 AM Radio  – Peeling Moms Off the Ceiling – November, 2010
Listen as Debbis is once again interviewed and shares ideas on how to help busy moms create a wonderful holiday season with her Organized Holidays book.

Issaquah Sammamish and Beyond Magazine – November, 2010
Debbie and the Simply Placed crew offer timely tips on making the holidays memorable and enjoyable instead of stressful and traumatic.

Peeling Moms Off the Ceiling – Blog Talk Radio Interview – March, 2010
Listen as Debbie is interviewed and shares ideas to help busy moms increase organization, productivity and reduce their stress.

Media Moment Interview – March 2, 2010
Debbie was interviewed by Janet Vasil, a former TV Anchor turned Media Coach/Consultant and Publicity Strategist about how Simply Placed serves their clients, and ways they get the word out about what they do.

Seattle Times – December 20, 2009
Learn how organization can help when you’re conducting a job search.

KKNW Radio Interview – December 1, 2009
Debbie had the opportunity to be a guest on Sue Lundquist’s “I’m Thankful” radio program on KKNW 1150 AM radio in Seattle. They chatted about how organization can help tame family chaos and ease stress. – November, 2009
Debbie was interviewed and included in an article on She shares more helpful hints for a wonderful and organized holiday season.

Let’s Talk on Diva Toolbox Radio – November 19, 2009
Show host Jennifer Malocha interviews Debbie where ideas are shared on how to maximize joy and minimize stress this holiday season. Be sure and click on the November 19th interview.

Married With Luggage – September 25, 2009
Listen to Debbie Rosemont’s Interview with Betsy Talbot, where Debbie focuses on how solo entrepreneurs can refocus on some goals and resolutions that may have been dropped earlier in the year.

We discuss:
1. Getting more of the right stuff done
2. How to get 6 weeks back every year
And much more!

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Seattle Metropolitan Magazine – August, 2009
Debbie was quoted in the August edition of Seattle Metropolitan Magazine in their article featuring 20 ways to thrive in a recession economy.

Let’s Talk: How & When to Outsource – January, 2009
Debbie was interviewed by Jennifer Malocha on a Let’s Talk Segment. Click on the link to listen!

Let’s Talk: Getting Organized in the New Year – January, 2009
Debbie’s interview by Jennifer Malocha from Let’s Talk. Click on the link to listen.

Let’s Talk: Tips to Organize Your Space – January, 2009
Debbie provides these tips when interviewed by Jennifer Malocha from Let’s Talk. Click on the link to listen. – November 28, 2008
Simply Organized: Money-saving tips for the holidays. This is the final report in the series on how to have a balanced and joyful holiday season. – November 21, 2008
Holiday travel: How to stay sane while on the road. This article was contributed by Simply Placed for the Issaquah-Reporter. – November 19, 2008
Holiday correspondence without the headache. A continuation in the series of helpful holiday tips from Simply Placed. – November 07, 2008
This year, give gifts that won’t cause clutter. More helpful ideas in the series from Simply Placed. – October 31, 2008
Simply organized holidays – help with entertaining. Third in a series of articles to help you get ready for the holidays! – October 24, 2008
A continuation of the holiday articles. – October 2008
This article is a first in a series that shares specific ideas to have a balanced and joyful holiday. October 2008
“Tricked by the Economy? Here Are Some Treats.” Simply Placed is a contributor in this article about maintaining and thriving in today’s economy.

City of Sammamish Newsletter – March 2008
Parks and Rec offers Simply Placed courses to help residential and business people put things in order and gain greater control over their lives.

Sammamish Reporter – February 8, 2008
Debbie Rosemont of Simply Placed talks about her home-based professional organizing business.

Delegate Now Blog – November 2007
Debbie was interviewed by Betsy Talbot, owner of Delegate Now, a small business resource. Delegate Now helps small businesses attract more customers and develop better relationships with the ones they have.

Sammamish Review – September 2007
Debbie Rosemont and Simply Placed were featured in an article on page 13 of the 9/26/07 edition.

Eastside Business Journal – September 2007
Debbie Rosemont earns CPO designation.

Puget Sound Business Journal – August 2007
Simply Placed grows its team.

Delegate Now Blog – August 2007
What’s in your bag? Simply Placed and Purseket were featured by business owner Betsy Talbot whose company provides virtual support to small businesses and helps them “Think Big.”

Parent Map Magazine – March 2006
Need to get organized after a baby arrives? Debbie Rosemont, owner of Simply Placed, shares tips on home organizing for a more fluid family life.