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Email Intervention

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • Your email inbox contains more than 50 messages, maybe more than 100 or more than 1,000.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the volume of email you receive each day.

  • You often have a hard time getting anything done because you’re dealing with email.

  • Commitments and tasks fall through the cracks because information gets lost in your email inbox.

  • You wish email didn’t control so much of your time and attention.

If any of these statements resonate with you, it’s time for an email intervention.

We know (and perhaps you agree) that a lot of people out there are addicted to email. Others may not feel addicted, but are stressed out by the sheer volume they receive and overwhelmed by the time it sucks out of their workday and even their leisure time.

Simply Placed can help you take steps to reduce your stress around email, reduce the time you spend in your inbox, and increase your work productivity with an Email Intervention Consultation.
In this practical consultation, you’ll learn and immediately apply strategies to:

  • Improve focus and recoup wasted time by minimizing distractions and interruptions.

  • Reduce email volume.

  • Strategically process email and then get to work.

  • Improve email quality.

  • Improve task management and work prioritization.

Simply Placed offers Email Intervention as a group workshop and one-on-one consultation either at your place of business or virtually via videoconference.


  • We’ve worked with Simply Placed for productivity consulting and training with great results. Debbie has conducted a number of group training sessions for employees of our Spokane and Colville offices, and consulted with individuals in our Downtown Seattle and Northgate offices.

    The feedback we’re getting from employees that have benefited from her training and individual sessions is that she’s made a significant positive impact, that the strategies she teaches are easy to implement, and employees are enjoying more efficient and effective ways of working.

    We continue to choose to work with Simply Placed because they truly make a difference.
    Susan Webber
    Susan WebberChief Human Resources Officer, Delta Dental of Washington


  • I have always been a stacker. With the Organized Systems and Productive Habits that Work I now have an easy to retrieve place for each and every piece of paper that comes across my desk. I am now more productive than I have ever been because I am not wasting time searching through my stacks. Also, the capture cards are genius. I get countless verbal requests throughout the day from my colleagues, clients and family members. Now I have a place for those verbal requests and don't have to worry about forgetting to follow through. My brain can now rest and focus on higher priorities.
    Abby Durr
    Abby DurrSilverage

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