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Business Organization Redmond

Organizing Your Redmond Business For Maximum Success

With Redmond being the birthplace to Microsoft and home to many other great companies, there is no doubt that the business being conducted in this city has a serious impact, both locally and globally. Even in the tough economic times, many Redmond businesses have found ways to flourish. At Simply Placed, we are proud to say that we have worked with many of these businesses, including Microsoft, to make the most of their most valuable assets: their hard working employees.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

At Simply Placed, we know your team works hard, however, often too much effort is being used to complete tasks that can easily be simplified and made more effective. We can assess the needs of your company and determine where employees can be more focused, organized and productive through streamlining processes and maximizing resources. By offering techniques to reduce the time it takes for employees to do many of their routine duties, we can help your employees increase their productivity as well as curtail many of their daily frustrations.

While hard-working employees are wonderful, smart working employees are how businesses succeed. By employees working smart, they can achieve more each day, in less time, giving them the satisfaction to leave work and enjoy their personal lives. This work-life balance that has become a trendy topic in the corporate world is actually attainable and can attract and retain the quality of employees that every company wants on their payroll.

How We Help

Often complicated problems have simple solutions, which is what we do best at Simply Placed. Our unique experience and perspective allows us to look at your business from a bird’s eye view and identify areas that are creating stress and excess work for your employees. By taking the time to understand your team’s particular goals and challenges, we can offer solutions that are tailored to eliminate excess stress for your employees while gaining them time to focus on higher priorities, both at work and at home.

Business Organization RedmondOur goal at Simply Placed is to achieve results. We love seeing employees actively engaged and enjoying their work, however what both our clients and we want to see are measurable results. Fortunately, by creating a happier, healthier work environment at your Redmond workplace, there will be positive changes that are gained in productivity, employee retention and in the quality of work your employees provide. All this is measurable in revenue gained and expenses lost, ultimately affecting the bottom line of your business.

Get in Touch

We want to learn more about your Redmond business and offer solutions that can obtain results that exceed your expectations. However, we are asking for you to make the first move toward positive change by getting in touch with us. We will provide a free assessment of your company’s needs, where we’ll share our methods in more detail and explain the processes in our consulting and training. We look forward to hearing from you and exploring options together.

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